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Lisa Johnson: Director and lead Occupational Therapist

Hi everyone and thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit more about me. I am an occupational therapist who started Evolving Mind Body and Soul in January 2021. Previous to this, I was trading under a different company called Green Shiva. I started Evolving Mind Body and Soul in response to the lack of skilled and compassionate occupational therapy support that was available for people who had been diagnosed with social, emotional and sensory differences. I am passionate about working with people’s individual strengths and differences so that people are empowered to be able to achieve the things they want to be able to do in this lifetime. I enjoy working with people across all ages focusing on your body, mind and spirit.

My approach when working with others is empowering, creative and person centred. I realise that no 2 people are the same and that we all have different needs and desires and have different roles and purposes that we need to live out. When working with you I will support you to feel empowered to overcome any social, emotional and sensory challenges that are holding you back that might be blocking you from healing and moving yourself forward to be able to do the things you want to be able to do. I will assist you to find your own individual ways to work through any blockages you might have in being able to do the things you want to be able to do or become more open to new experiences and ways of being be feeling safe and supported throughout the process.

I have travelled both nationally and internationally to receive training and mentorship from leading occupational therapists, mentors, leaders, teachers and guru’s both nationally and internationally. I have worked in both Australia and England across all areas of mental health and well-being as an occupational therapist including child and adolescent, young adult, adult and older adults age groups in private, community and hospital settings. I am passionate about providing my clients with high quality, holistic occupational therapy and supporting my team members to provide the same type of support. My team and I are always thinking of new and creative ways to give our clients opportunity to experience joy, meaning and purpose. My team and I have a purpose to ‘empower people to live their best lives’ and enrich the lives of those who access the service.


Stephanie Williams: Occupational Therapist

I’m Stephanie and I am currently working as an occupational therapist through Evolving Mind Body and Soul. I am originally from the United States, my journey in working with individuals with disability started at the age of 13 when I became involved in supporting my peers with disabilities to be more involved in the social and community aspects of my school.

After a detour studying business at university in the US, my love of travel led me to Hong Kong where I spent several years working with children as a nanny for a diverse range of families and starting a nanny agency to place nannies from all over the world with families in Hong Kong.

Upon migrating to Sydney in 2016, I continued working with children as a volunteer with children with disabilities before completing my Master’s of Occupational Therapy from the University of Sydney. During my final year of study, I discovered the world of mental health OT when I began working as an OT assistant in community mental health through Evolving Mind Body and Soul. I have a particular interest in working with clients who have intellectual disability, autism, and psychosocial disabilities.

I am passionate about helping clients to develop a wide-lens view of their past and present to develop a meaningful future. My easy going nature and sense of humour enable me to build a strong rapport with clients and their networks of support to provide holistic client-centred care.


Aaron D’Hary: Occupational Therapist

My name is Aaron and I have graduated from the Master of Occupational Therapy program in 2022, and I am currently a part of the Evolving Mind Body and Soul team. I am motivated to empower and support people from all walks of life to have meaningful lives.

Growing up in Western Sydney has allowed me to recognise the impact that a lack of support and positivity can have on the ability for people who are disadvantaged to achieve their goals and lead their own lives. As a result, I am motivated to provide support and assistance to those who face barriers in life. I aim to provide receptive and client-centred care using creative strategies based around the client’s interests and goals.


Bethany Flannery: Occupational Therapist

University of Newcastle: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours Class II Division 1) 2010

I am an Occupational Therapist specialising in working with those with trauma histories and serious mental illness. I have worked in hospitals and community settings across Sydney, regional NSW and the UK. I am passionate about supporting individuals to achieve their goals and lead meaningful lives despite illness or disability. In this vein I have set up accessible gardening and gym programs and developed partnerships with key organisations to support vocational outcomes for her clients. I have an open, collaborative approach to working with clients.


Ashleigh Matthews: Occupational Therapist

Hello. My name is Ashleigh and I am a proud and passionate Mental Health Occupational Therapist. I graduated from Sydney University in 2010 and have been working since this time as a mental health Occupational Therapist.

I am curious and creative. I love nature, colour and have a strong love for travel and adventure. This has allowed me to practice throughout NSW, QLD and within the UK. I have been fortunate enough to work across a number of different settings and environments both in the community &within inpatient settings. I have worked with age groups across the spectrum, in particular with young people and adolescents experiencing acute distress.

We are privileged to meet so many people seeking support and guidance around how to navigate through peak periods of distress and vulnerability. Using open and gentle communication and collaboration ensures that the clients wants and needs are at the heart of everything we do.


Angela Geltch: Counsellor

My name is Angela, and I am a seasoned counsellor with over 15 years of experience in the field. Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with varied populations, including the neurodiverse and those with mental ill-health and psychosocial concerns. I am a proud member of the Australian Counselling Association, where I am a level 4 member which demonstrates my commitment to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards.

My counselling undertakes a holistic and person-centred approach. I believe in empowering my clients through psychoeducation, providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to take control of their mental and emotional well-being. For me, meaningful therapy is all about understanding behaviours and working with clients to facilitate positive changes.

My specialisations include working with; anxiety, depression, grief and loss, adjustment to diagnosis, stress management, building resilience, and emotional regulation. Furthermore, one of my true passions lies in supporting caregivers as they often bear unique challenges with their caregiver role. I maintain an empathetic approach and leverage my extensive experience to provide effective interventions and strategies for individuals navigating the complexities of these conditions.

My journey doesn’t stop at counselling alone. I’m currently pursuing a Master of Occupational Therapy at the University of Sydney. This dual expertise will allow me to offer a unique perspective on holistic well-being, which I embrace whole heartedly.

When I’m not working, you’ll often find me enjoying life at the beach or pool. I also have a love for basketball, dancing, kayaking and pilates.


Ugne Razuleviciute: Support Worker

Hello, my name is Ugné. My role with EMBS is support work. In my work I strive to support clients learning new skills and being more independant. I bring an enthusiastic approach and attitude towards tasks and difficulties, to make even hard times seem a bit lighter. I love seeing clients grow and achieve even the smallest goals that they have set for themselves. I have seen miracles happen through support work and it is really rewarding to know that my job makes a difference!