About Us

Evolving Mind Body and Soul focuses on your mental health and wellbeing with individually-tailored support plans empowering you to meet your needs. Currently servicing the Greater Sydney and Shellharbour area.

We are a completely mobile service so we will come to you in the comfort of your own home or desired meeting place in the community or are able to see you online through telehealth options if you prefer.

Lisa Johnson, our director, has worked in and around Sydney and London for many years and is passionate about empowering people to have optimal mental health and well-being. Lisa and her team focus on people’s strengths and abilities to open people up to opportunity and growth.

Lisa has had the pleasure of learning from, and working beside many leaders in mental health and well-being services not only in traditional medical community and hospital ill mental health settings but also private community settings focusing on traditional models of mental ill health care and alternative therapy based mental health and well-being practice based settings both nationally and internationally.

Lisa and her team are passionate about delivering evidence-based and creative support plans to all those accessing the service and overcoming some of the traditional barriers that restrict people from accessing top quality care. All Evolving Mind Body and Soul therapists are registered with their discipline-specific governing bodies, and engage in regular supervision and professional development activities.

Evolving Mind Body and Soul has been providing mental health and well-being based occupational therapy, and support working services through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for over three years. We have been servicing the community working with those experiencing mental ill health for over 20 years.

Recently registering with the NDIS, we now have opportunity for growth and expansion to be able to provide not only high quality mental health and well-being based occupational therapy and support working services but are now introducing specialised support coordination, exercise physiology, behavioural therapy and recovery coaching.

Our Purpose

To empower people to live their best lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work alongside individuals to create person-centered, innovative and creative support plans that empower individuals to have optimal mental health and well-being so that people can do the things that they want to be able to do to live their most meaningful and purposeful life.